Personal data protection.

Security and protection of personal data.


Super X Studio attaches great importance to respecting users privacy and personal data. We also attach great importance to the creation, organization and implementation of online and offline activities to protect your privacy and personal data. In order to maintain the utmost protection of the personal data we process, our website and the entities that manage them will comply with the following principles: The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) (23 May 2018)

2.Information processing

The personal data you provide is ONLY used to process consultations and order delivery. Super X Studio guarantee that your personal data will not be communicated to institutions or government authorities, except in cases provided for by law or regulation. Due to the particularity of the products, we do our best to provide any additional privacy protection, such as: ordering without registration, private packaging, and delivery to the pick-up point ect.

3.Website management

3.1. Link status

The Super X Studio website is protected by an SSL certificate. HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Security Protocol) and SSL encrypts the network connection between the transport layer and the application layer to avoid any information loss and theft during the information transmission process.

3.2. Payment security

Cooperating with world class payment companies Paypal,no matter where you are, we will provide you with a worry-free, safe and convenient payment experience. Super X Studio does not view, obtain, or store any information related to your payment information (such as credit card number, pin code, bank account number, etc.)

3.3. Collection and use of provided data

Registration on our website is not required. Even if you don’t want to register or provide personal information, you can still view this content of the website and shop online as a visiter, receive newsletters by submitting an email or contact us by email. We respect your wishes and will never collect personal data about you without your explicit consent.

3.4. Information storage

Super X Studio uses world-class servers to store the information, continuously improves security procedures, continues to increase investment, and uses software and hardware technologies to maintain your information security to the greatest extent.

4.Privacy and security

Our concern is to maintain the quality and integrity of your personal information. The technologies and security policies adopted by ourselves and our technical service providers can protect our users’ personal data from any unauthorized access, any improper use, any alteration, any malicious or accidental damage, and any involuntary data Lost. With the development of technology, we will continue to improve the safety procedures to maintain maximum protection. On our website Category 1: Main personal data (name, email, contact information...) Category 2: Identifier (credit card number, private area identifier...). ) All of our employees, subcontractors and authorized third parties who have access to data or related to data processing must respect the confidentiality of the personal data of visitors, customers and potential customers. 

5.Continually updated

In order to maintain the highest level of protection for the personal data of visitors, customers and potential customers, we conduct regular self-assessments. The self-assessment is performed by the data controller and covers technical and organizational measures. It is also related to our regular relationship with subcontractors, partners and authorized third parties regarding data protection policies.


If you have any questions about our data protection policy, please contact us via email