About us

In 2015, Some persevering people who were not succumbing to fate founded the Super X Studio in Hong kong.Not afraid of hardship and prejudice, they move forward steadily step by step for their own value.Very strict in design,fabric & supplier selection, production supervision,quality inspection,packaging and logistics,their only goal is to get customer recognition.

Super X Studio the affordable cross-dressing shop was established in 2015,and added their online store in 2018.The team forces focus on commercializing the items for cross-dressers, queer, drag queen, performers and any people who want the freedom of dress.

Team's concept, of course,the customer is the focus of their work.The team members are proud of what they do and what they are,provide for you a large selection of quality products, more beautiful and latest models with a super cost-effective.They hope within the contract and rules to build a big family of transvestites and that you can be the beautiful yourself without compromise. 

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